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Whether you’re sweetening a cup of tea, whipping up gleaming peaks of meringue or caramelising onions, sugar is an essential inclusion in any kitchen. The Essential Ingredient stocks a wide range of Australian sugars, as well as some of the best international products, to give you superior results in the kitchen. Whether you’re searching for a cane sugar alternative like coconut sugar, or a place to buy high-quality sugar online, we’ve got all the specialty sugar varieties you need to make your next culinary project a success.


Transform your cooking with gourmet sugars

Just like the flour or eggs you use when you bake, the sugar you use can have a huge impact on the final dish. The Essential Ingredient keeps a wide selection of sugars that add the perfect kind of sweetness to any dish. For fruit cakes, puddings and that classic Christmas baking, dark muscovado sugar and brown sugar add richness and a deep caramel flavour. If you love a little sweetness in your cup of tea but prefer a less processed product than traditional white sugar, you’ll love our selection of raw caster sugar and demerara sugar. For raw and vegan desserts, coconut sugar adds a unique flavour, while no Malaysian or Indonesian dish would complete without dark palm sugar.


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If you enjoy baking, you’ll love our range of finishing sugars that add the perfect final touch to buns, cakes and cookies. Sprinkle snow sugar as an alternative to icing sugar for a perfect layer of white that won’t melt with liquid, or pearl sugar that keeps its crunch when baked into Swedish saffron buns and European baked treats. Beetroot-derived isomalt granules are for making hard candy, able to be heated to high temperatures without darkening or burning to give you a crystal clear finish — perfect for glass textures and desserts that will be exposed to humid conditions.

Whether you’re looking for an easy place to buy sugar online or hunting for that elusive ingredient for a new recipe, The Essential Ingredient has everything sweet you need. From specialty sugars to baking ingredients and quality flours, we’re here to make sure your next baking project is a success.


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