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No matter which cuisine you’re cooking, a high-quality cooking salt is always an essential part of creating a restaurant-quality meal. As a team of passionate chefs and foodies ourselves, we understand the importance of using the finest salt flakes, rock salts, salt crystals and more in your cooking, and have curated a selection of the best salts in Australia. Browse our collection online today. 


Why we love cooking with salt flakes

While salt is also used to preserve and prolong the life of meat, fish, dairy products and many other foods, it is, first and foremost, a seasoning that enhances tastes and flavours. By bringing out the natural flavours in carbohydrates, proteins and fats, as well as adding a littel texture of their own, salt flakes enrich the taste of any meal. Whether your recipe call for you to marinate your food, sprinkle salt on your food during the cooking process or on your completed dish at the end, salt balances sweetness and controls bitterness. 


Premium flaky sea salt and cooking salt products

At The Essential Ingredient, we have a wide range of salts available in different sizes, flavours and styles. With flavoured salts infused with truffles, Australian sea salt flakes, Himalayan salt blocks and so much more, you’ll find just what you need for cooking as well as for placing on the table. 

We’ve got a wide range of award-winning Maldon salts, including their celebrated soft sea salt flakes, as local brands like Murray River Salts that are mineral-rich and ideal as a finishing or table salt. Whatever salt you’re after, you’ll find the highest quality at The Essential Ingredient.


Browse our entire range of salts online today

Whether you’re looking for the perfect house-warming gift or a special present for a budding chef in your life, a premium spice or salt product from The Essential Ingredient makes a thoughtful addition to any pantry. From salt flakes to cooking salt, infused salt and Himalayan salt, our selection has everything you need to create flavourful and balanced meals. Browse our range online today and be sure to explore our collection of peppers to create the perfect spice pair for your kitchen.


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