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Whether you’re whipping up delicious pizza dough, attempting a light sponge cake, experimenting with sourdough bread or throwing together a batch of pancakes, choosing the right flour can mean the difference between failure and triumph. The world of flours is vast, with finely-crafted varieties purpose-made for each application. Keep your pantry well-stocked with all the fit-for-purpose flours to suit your needs. 


The Essential Ingredient is your destination to buy flour online

You’ve got the woodfire oven set up in the backyard and your favourite toppings ready to go, but when it comes to getting the dough perfect, there’s one more essential ingredient: bread flour. Also known as ‘00’ flour, bread flour is a very finely milled wheat flour that, among many other exciting applications, gives pizza dough its distinctive colour, stretch and crunch. Our selection of Italian and Australian flour for pizzas will help you on your way to the perfect slice. 

For an authentically Mexican feast, our range of corn masa flour is ideal for crafting homemade tortillas, perfect for your next batch of incredible tacos or quesadillas. If you’re a regular bread baker, buying your bread flour online makes life easy. Order bulk quantities of flour and have them delivered straight to your door, so there’s no need to worry about running out during a mid-week bake. New to the wonderful world of bread? Our sourdough starter bundles make it easy to start baking your own bread from scratch, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a keen at home cook looking to take your baking game to the next level.  


High-quality pantry staples you’ll love

Any seasoned food lover knows that it’s the little things that set a good dish apart from a great one. A little sprinkle of love, a practised hand, and choosing quality ingredients (even down to your choice of salt and pepper) can bring a dish to life. From specialty herbs and spices to professional-grade baking ingredients, The Essential Ingredient is here to help you reach new culinary heights. It’s why our customers find we’re the best place to buy flour online in Australia.   


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