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Prized for its distinct flavour and famed for keeping the people of the Mediterranean happy and healthy, no kitchen is complete without a good bottle of  olive oil. Olive oil’s wonderful versatility, with flavour profiles ranging from mild to the robust, make it a flavour-boosting addition to your favourite dishes, as well as a powerful ingredient in its own right.

The best place to buy Italian olive oil

With centuries of growing, pressing and bottling experience, it’s little wonder the Italians are so renowned for their olive oil. We’ve sourced a range of remarkable specialty extra virgin olive oils from Italy that make the perfect dressing for salads, and finishing oils for pasta dishes, pizzas, grilled and roasted meat and more. Herbaceous, peppery and fresh, there’s a world of Italian olive oils to discover.

Discover the intense flavours of Australian olive oil 

Not to be outdone by our European counterparts, local producers are increasingly making a name for themselves in the world of flavoursome and organic olive oil in Australia. Modern Australian farms are bottling incredible organic olive oils, as well as experimenting with successful forays into infused olive oil. Blood orange and lemon infusions are created using traditional methods of crushing whole fruits with single-estate olives. The result is a zesty and bold olive oil that pairs beautifully with fresh seafood or with fresh bread as a simple starter course.

Up your cooking game with pantry staples from The Essential Ingredient

From Spanish and Italian olive oil to homegrown varieties, The Essential Ingredient has a selection of the world’s finest extra virgin options. Our curated selection of pantry staples is designed to help you keep your larder stocked with the finest quality oils, vinegars, vinocottos, sauces and glazes in the world. 

Whether you love to entertain, enjoy spicing up your weeknight dinners or are looking for the perfect gift to please an avid cook in your life, The Essential Ingredient has what you need. Filling your basket couldn’t be easier: simply peruse our online store, and all of your ingredients will be swiftly packed and dispatched from our warehouse straight to your home– anywhere in Australia.


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