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Some ingredients fade happily into the background, while others pack a disproportionate punch. When it comes to hard-working ingredients, capers, caperberries and cornichons are versatile and impactful, adding a sour, salty and savoury kick to all kinds of recipes. Shop our extensive range of preserved capers, caperberries and cornichons, all of which can instantly lift and brighten a dish while imparting plenty of their aromatic and complex flavours. 


Why we love cooking with capers and caperberries 

Did you know both caperberries and capers come from the same plant? The caper bush produces both buds and berries, which are harvested at different times to give us two very different but equally delicious ingredients, as seen on bagels and in pasta dishes and zesty sauces. High-quality baby capers packed in brine or in salt add complexity, herbaceousness and seasoning to any dish you deploy them in. Likewise, caperberries add a pickled note, as well as their own subtle, unique flavour. Caperberries also make a great addition to a salad or cheeseboard, consumed in one single, crunchy bite. The Essential Ingredient stocks the highest quality caperberries and capers, available in any of our stores or online for delivery to anywhere in Australia. 


Bold ingredients for creative home cooks

Whether you’re building a cheese platter, simmering a herbaceous sauce for steaks, fish or vegetables, or whipping up a salad, these dynamic preserved vegetables add a bright, savoury kick. Buy cornichons, capers and caperberries from our online store, and while you’re there, explore our range of premium vinegars, vincotto and verjuice and bring your favourite salad dressings and recipes to lide. No matter what’s on the menu, The Essential Ingredient has the ingredients to turn your next meal into a culinary masterpiece. Shop today and discover the deliciousness for yourself. 


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