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Using the right cookware makes almost any culinary task simple. Keeping equipment like a pressure cooker and a steamer close at hand can make a complex meal far simpler. As a team of foodies and passionate chefs ourselves, we’ve curated a collection of our favourite  steamer baskets and pressure cookers, each selected to make life easier. Browse our range of steamers and pressure cookers in Australia today.

Cooking with a pressure cooker and steamer

Steaming vegetables retains more of their original vitamins and minerals than boiling does — making it a healthy and popular cooking method – but it’s also a terrific method for gently cooking fish, dumplings, rice and much more. Whether you use a bamboo steamer basket or a multi-level steamer set, steaming is gentle and healthy. Similarly, pressure cooking makes it easy to prepare delicious meals quickly, with pressure cookers sealing in pressure, enabling slow-cooked vegetable stews, broths or joints of meat to be cooked far faster than traditional cooking methods. 

Our collection at The Essential Ingredient

Whether you’re looking for a single steamer basket, a fish poacher, a stainless steel steamer set or a high-quality pressure cooker, you’ll find the finest cookware at The Essential Ingredient.

Perfect for steaming dumplings, fish, meat, vegetables and more, a well-made bamboo steamer basket allows you to cook food without you needing to add any fats or oils.

However, if you’re looking for something dishwasher-friendly that fits tightly onto pots and saucepans, a stainless steel steamer set is a practical addition to your kitchen.

For those looking to speed up the cooking process and create flavourful, tender meals quickly, we stock high-quality stainless steel pressure cookers that can be used on all hob types, including induction cooktops

The place to buy pressure cookers and steamers online

Complete your collection of kitchen equipment today with premium products from The Essential Ingredient. Whether you’re looking for well-made stainless steel products such as pots and pans, pressure cookers or more, you can count on our range of cookware to stand up to any task.


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