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From induction frying pans to stock pots and everything in between, find the highest quality induction cookware in our range, produced by premium global brands. Complete your kitchen supplies with the best high-performance induction cookware in Australia


An extensive range of induction pans for all your cooking needs

Whether you’re outfitting a new kitchen for the first time or just looking to replace a well-loved induction pot that’s past its prime, you’ll find induction saucepans and pots in every shape and size in our curated range. We’ve sourced our collection of induction cookware from trusted names in kitchen equipment including De Buyer, El Cid, Inoxibar, Judge, Silampos, Skeppshult, as well as stocking own custom professional-grade The Essential Ingredient range. 


Choosing the perfect induction frying pan

Modern induction stoves offer superior temperature control and allow finesse in the kitchen. However, in order to get the best of your induction cooktop, it’s vital to only use purpose-made induction cookware on your surface. Our range of cast iron, stainless steel, copper and non-stick induction cookware is all designed to be safely used with induction cooktops — to ensure a consistent result every time you cook. 

You’ll love our range of grill plates, pressure cookers, woks and induction pots that are made to hold even under constant use. For specialty tasks, browse our purpose-designed pieces like non-stick crepe pans, paella pans and fish frying induction pans. No matter what’s on the menu, our collection will have you cooking like a pro. 


The Essential Ingredient — cookware to last a lifetime

Investing in quality cookware is essential for any keen cook. Choosing reliable induction cookware means avoiding hot spots, thin bases that can burn things in a moment and poor quality non-stick pans that lose their protective coating after only a few uses. Every induction piece in our online store has been chosen for its exceptional quality and proven results, so you can enjoy preparing meals for years with the same premium induction pan or pot. 


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