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As well as being a beautiful, display-worthy addition to your kitchen, copper cookware is known for its durability, reliability and quality. If you’re looking to invest in some high quality copper cookware in Australia, The Essential Ingredient has a wide range of some of the world’s best brands. Browse our full range of copper cookware online today.

The perks of cooking with copper pans, pots and other cookware

Copper cookware gives you complete control over the heat of your cooking. As a natural heat conductor, copper heats quickly and evenly, and cools down as soon as it’s removed from heat — making it ideal for heat-sensitive dishes like sauces, glazes and cooking seafood. 

In addition to its conductive properties, copper is also the perfect weight for cookware — heavy enough to sit securely on the stove yet light enough to easily be lifted, even when full of food.

Our extensive range of copper cookware for all your cooking needs

Whether you’re looking for copper pots and pans for creating delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners, or you’re after copper bowls and dessert moulds for unforgettable after-dinner treats, you’ll find copper saucepans, pots and bowls in every shape and size at The Essential Ingredient. 

As well as our in-house brand of cookware, created by our own team of passionate foodies and experienced chefs, we also stock a wide range of copper cookware from world-renowned French manufacturer, De Buyer. Since 1830, De Buyer has been manufacturing remarkable cookware that has become a staple in many professional kitchens — and for good reason. Create your own classic French kitchen at home by investing in a collection of copper pots and pans from De Buyer.

Shop our range of copper cookware in Australia today

Having a collection of high-quality cookware is essential for any passionate cook. At The Essential Ingredient, we’ve curated a wide collection of the best frying pans, pots, bakeware and more, so you can find everything you need to complete your kitchen equipment in one place. Browse our range of copper cookware online today and enjoy convenient delivery no matter where you are in Australia. Filling a kitchen with the best copper cookware has never been easier!


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