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Renowned for its incredibly long life and improved performance with age, cast iron cookware is perfect for searing, grilling, roasting and more. Hardy and versatile, you’ll love the results you can get from this material. Explore our range of cast iron cookware in Australia today. 


Reasons to choose a cast iron pan

Cast iron is one of the best conductors of heat — achieving and maintaining high temperatures without becoming too hot or developing an uneven heated surface. Heat doesn’t fluctuate with a thick cast iron skillet or pot, making them ideal for frying or searing. For this reason, and for its natural non-stick properties and ease of cleaning, getting a perfect browned crust on steak or chicken is so much easier with a cast iron frying pan

As the popularity of Southern favourites like cornbread and fried chicken continues to surge, so does the chance of finding a cast iron skillet in Australian kitchens. Far from being a fad, cast iron pans are an essential kitchen staple for a whole range of dishes. 


Seasoning your cast iron skillet

Along with avoiding sudsy soap, the best way to get great results from your cast iron frying pan is to season it. This is a simple process that will stop food from sticking to the pan and help it maintain its shiny black surface. Simply preheat your oven to 180°C. While it’s heating up, thoroughly wash the pan without detergent, dry thoroughly, then apply a thin, even layer of neutral oil like vegetable oil, wiped over the surface evenly with paper towel. Place your cast iron skillet in the oven and heat for an hour. Then, turn off the heat and leave the pan in the oven to cool down. You can repeat this any time you notice the surface of your cast iron pan dulling or when food begins to stick to it. Every time you wash your cast iron cookware after use, dry it immediately on the stove and oil before putting it away.


Shop the best cast iron skillets in Australia 

You’ll love the huge range of cast iron cookware on offer at The Essential Ingredient. Every piece in our range is designed to last for years of cooking, from our sturdy cast iron skillets to cast iron tortilla presses and handsome spice grinders. Shop our entire cookware range today and discover why we’re the experts in fine kitchen equipment


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