The Perfect Finish

The Perfect Finish

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Bowles Jus 270ml

Prepared over 36 hours and using only select ingredients, Bowles range of glazes brings that depth of flavour that so many winter recipes are crying out for. Whether drizzled on your favourite cut of meat as a finishing sauce, added to pie mix or ragu, your taste buds will be delighted with the addition of this award winning range to your selection of pantry staples.


Porcini Mushroom Whole and Powder

Take your gravy, ragu, pie filling and pasta to the next level with the help of our whole dried porcini and porcini powder. Porcini adds an instant rich umami flavour and a slight silken texture to all your saucy dishes and helps to amplify the flavour of existing ingredients. Porcini powder is simple to incorporate into sauces when making your roux or base where it will easily disolve when mixed with liquid stock.


Signature Sauces

Hunter Valley’s own Signature Sauces brings you ready-made finishing sauces for anything you want to roast, grill or braise. Available in ‘Dianne Sauce with Buttery Leek’, ‘Red Wine Jus’ and ‘White Wine & Green Peppercorn Sauce’ Signature Sauces use of only the finest, locally sourced ingredients make them one of the best ready-made sauce ranges on the market.


Bowles Jus and The Essential Ingredient dried mushroom range are available online and at all The Essential Ingredient stores. Signature Sauces are available at The Essential Ingredient Rozelle. Please contact your nearest store for stock price and availability.

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