A lighter side of rice

A lighter side of rice

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Rice is one of the staples we turn to in the cooler months to give our meals necessary bulk and essential nourishment. But if you’ve ever overcooked or reheated Indian or Asian style rices you’d know that gluey starches and an unpleasantly soft texture are a common occurrence. So if there was a rice that was versatile enough to traverse cuisines, had a pleasant nutty flavour and a naturally firm texture wouldn’t you want to know about it?

Camargue Rice, named after the low lying wetlands of the South of France, is a long grain rice which is more akin to a seed than a rice grain in shape and is most similar in texture to wild rice, but thankfully much cheaper. It is extremely difficult to overcook and tolerates being reheated without becoming mushy. The red and black varieties of Camargue Rice also make for a dramatic accompaniment to your meals.

While growing amongst salt pans in brackish water may not be ideal for most grains, Camargue rice flourishes, picking up essential nutrients and antioxidants as it matures.

Camargue Organic Black Rice

This black rice responds favourably to being sauteed in butter before being cooked. Its deep black appearance, nutty flavour and sweet yet earthy aroma makes it both the perfect visual and flavour complement to white flesh meats such as poultry, pork and fish. Mix Camargue Black Rice with your regular Arborio rice in a risotto to benefit both appearance and texture.

Camargue Organic Red Rice

This rusty coloured rice is similar in texture and taste to its darker cousin. It is particularly pleasant in Persian rice dishes and Summer rice salads as it pops a little when bitten into. This sensation adds a liveliness to potentially weighty dishes and improves the overall experience of the dish.

Camargue Organic Rice Trio

Our combination of red, black and brown Camargue Organic Rice will invigorate any dish. Whether served as a simple side or incorporated into soups and stews, this trio will breathe new life into your oldest winter recipes with gentle colour, lighter texture and a nutty taste.

Where we are using Camargue Organic Rice

Camargue Organic Rice responds well to both slow cooked and pressure cooker recipes. It’s natural al dente texture means it won’t turn to mush in your recipe. It also has thickening properties adding body to your casserole and stew gravies. A pressure cooker will help you cut down on cooking time, but for slow cooked recipes the same cooking time will apply, so it is best to add the rice in the last hour of cooking.

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