Fresh flavours for Winter

Fresh flavours for Winter

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In the colder months it’s easy to forget the importance of fresh herbacious flavours in our cooking repertoire, but winter recipes can benefit from these zingy, aromatic flavours just as much as our summer favourites. Such as capers, or our latest pressing of Essential Cold Pressed Avocado Oil – each product demonstrates its own unique flavour, but the common characteristic between them is the sense of something light and fresh. Take a look at why we are getting so excited about our new products below.

Black Garlic Salt

Salt has always been the go-to flavour enhancer for chefs and home cooks alike, but being a seasoning that we know to use in moderation it helps to employ other ingredients that have similar flavour amplifying properties. Our Black Garlic Salt brings to life the umami notes in your savoury foods by combining the deep flavour profile of organic Australian fermented garlic with the satisfying, yet gentle taste of Australian salt. It also exhibits tangy notes of balsamic for a delicious and unexpected aftertaste.

Try using this versatile seasoning on red meat cuts, pumpkin soup and roasted root vegetables to bring out stronger umami flavour.

Caper Leaves

Crunchy, flavoursome and beautiful to behold, our caper leaves add a fresh and zesty kick to your meal. Similar in taste to the caper berry, caper leaves can be tossed through a salad, shredded and used as a garnish for meats and vegetables, deep fried as an accompaniment to fish and chips or served on an antipasto platter to go with your favourite small goods.

Try adding chopped caper leaves to your salsa verde. This adds a lively acidity and pleasant saltiness that balances beautifully when served with grilled and barbecued meats.

Caper Powder

Caper powder is the perfect substitute for salt as an every day seasoning. Simply paired with red and white meats, fish, leafy herbs and salad greens, capsicums and tomatoes and fresh cheeses, our caper salt will  bring out all kinds of delicate savoury notes without making your meal too salty.

Try sprinkling our caper powder into melted butter. The warmth and the fat content of the butter will enhance the fresh zing of the ground capers.

Cold Pressed Avocado Oil

Give your winter greens a splash of freshness with this cold pressed avocado oil. With its strong vegetable flavour and buttery smooth texture this oil is an excellent carrier for herbs and spices and pairs beautifully with fruity vinegars.

Try combining  our cold pressed avocado oil with pomegranate vinegar or pomegranate molasses and tossing through your favourite grain salads. Add a sprinkling of dukkah to round out the flavour profile.

Mixed Olives

Sourced from one of South Australia’s most pristine growing regions, these firm and plump olives are perfect for your next platter or tapas selection.

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