The Essential Ingredient Wood Collection

The Essential Ingredient Wood Collection

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The Essential Ingredient Wood Collection features a range of specially-produced boards and utensils, available now in-store and online.

Food and wood have ancient associations too, with wood used to catch, collect, cook and serve food for as long as we have walked upright.

We have seen, in recent years, a remarkable reconnection with wood in the kitchen with wooden tools, boards, bowls and more in increasing demand.

That’s why, at The Essential Ingredient, we have sought out some of the world’s most beautiful natural, sustainable wood, as well as the best producers of wood products, to create The Essential Ingredient Wood Collection.

The Essential Ingredient Wood Collection, featured in Australian Gourmet Traveller September 2017 issue

The Collection features a stunning set of wood boards, each a beautiful marriage of form and function, as well as a broad range of elegantly crafted wooden utensils.

Made from a variety of woods- beech, cherry, maple, lime- each with their own natural colours and patterns, we have kept each piece in the collection untreated to preserve the natural beauty of the wood, as well as its antioxidant properties.

Our wooden boards are available for a variety of functions, including chopping, carving, bread kneading and table presentation. Each piece is unique, with the colour and grain of the wood providing a natural landscape.

Unlike many Australian timbers, these woods have been chosen for being soft enough to protect your valuable knives while cutting, yet durable and ready for decades of use. Their fine grains prevent splintering and careful shaping prevent warping, which will keep each board safe and practical.

Wooden utensils are also a safer choice when it comes to protecting your kitchen equipment. The naturally unabrasive material won’t damage your non-stick cookware and won’t cause scratches.

Everything from pastry brushes to pizza lifters can be found in The Essential Ingredient Wood Collection, as well as ingenious products such as the ‘pointed spoon’, which prevents food from sticking in the corners of your pot while you stir.

Like the boards, these wooden utensils are made from a variety of beautiful natural timbers, each piece uniquely grained and coloured.

If you still have a wooden spoon or chopping board from your grandmother in your own kitchen, you’ll understand the lasting beauty of quality wood products. That’s why we’re so excited to present this new collection of German-made wood products.

To see the Wood Collection for yourself, visit your nearest The Essential Ingredient store today. Or, for delivery to anywhere in Australia, shop for The Essential Ingredient Wood Collection online.

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