Blood Orange Agrumato

Blood Orange Agrumato

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Agrumato is an ingredient that is, in our opinion, severely underutilised. This fragrant, citrus infused olive oil instantly brightens and lifts any dish it is added to, leaving out the bitterness that often comes with fresh citrus zest, making it an ingredient we reach for again and again all year round.

Whole Australian blood oranges are crushed with single-estate Australian olives to produce our Blood Orange Agrumato Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Use it to make vinaigrettes, serve with crusty bread, or use as a finishing oil on grilled vegetables, soups, and risotto. It also pairs beautifully with dairy: drizzle on burrata cheese or, for something sweet with a twist, vanilla gelato.

Create an incredible barbecued seafood platter, like we have, by grilling a selection of your favourite seafood over charcoal along with small vine tomatoes and garlic. Arrange the seafood and tomatoes on a large plate and dress with our Blood Orange Agrumato, salt flakes, parsley leaves and some freshly cracked black pepper.

We’ve used scallops, Morton bay bugs, blue swimmer crabs, prawns, baby octopus and a selection of clams, but feel free to sub-in your favourites!

For a special, Mediterranean touch, fry some of our Caper Leaves in Salt and scatter on top. Rinse the salt off the leaves and pat dry with a paper towel, quickly fry in 180C canola oil until crisp.

The Essential Ingredient Blood Orange Agrumato and The Essential Ingredient Caper Leaves in Olive Oil are available now, in-store and online.

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