Well Dressed

As the heat of the sun starts to beat back winters lingering chill, our gardens are once again bursting with life. With lettuces unfurling from the earth, fresh peas emerging from delicate flowers and radishes showing their white-topped heads above the soil, this time of year is ideal for lighter dishes, with tasty and interesting salads being among the most popular. At The Essential Ingredient our range of products will help to dress any salad with confidence and flavour.

Dressings are generally constructed from a base made with an acidic element, such as lemon, white wine or balsamic vinegar, which is then emulsified with a good quality olive oil (or nut oil for a richer flavour). It is these monounsaturated fats, found in olive oil in particular, that have been found by scientists at Purdue University to have health benefits as they help us to absorb the nutrients in the vegetables and lettuce that make up the bulk of the salad.

Delouis Champagne Vinegar
AUD $14.75
Uniquely fruity and sharp, Champagne Vinegar is made using the famous sparkling wine from the Champagne-Ardennes region of France. An excellent substitute for white wine vinegar is the perfect addition to vinaigrettes, as well as chicken and fish recipes

Delouis White Wine Vinegar with Fresh Raspberries
AUD $21.95
Made by adding fresh raspberries to the very finest French white wine vinegar, this White Wine with Raspberry Vinegar is light and deliciously fruity. Free from artificial colours and flavours, the addition of this vinegar introduces lighter notes and pairs well with heavier oils in vinaigrettes and salad dressings.

The Essential Ingredient Extra Virgin Olive Oil
AUD $11.50 – AUD $29.95
Pressed from young Murray Valley olives, this premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is aromatic and herbaceous, with a slightly peppery undertone, and is incredibly versatile in its nature.

The Essential Ingredient Hazelnut Oil
AUD $19.95 – AUD $29.95
With a distinctly nutty aroma and flavour, Hazelnut Oil is a beautiful addition to salad dressing, imbuing the dish with something a little different. When paired with a sharp vinegar, such as the White Wine Vinegar with Fresh Raspberries, it provides a fantastic base for your leafy green salads this summer.

Al-Rabih Pomegranate Molasses
AUD $7.95 – AUD $14.95
This essential of Middle Eastern cuisine is a thick, dark red syrup that is at once both sweet and tart. From pilafs and marinades, to adding depth to desserts and creating moreish salads, there are few boundaries to its uses when creating tasty and exciting dishes.

Delouis Dijon Mustard
AUD $3.95 – AUD $17.50
Smooth, creamy, mild and versatile, this mustard is made from a traditional recipe in the Dijon region of France and is perfect as both an ingredient in larger dishes as well as an ideal condiment.

The Essential Ingredient Verjuice
AUD $10.95 – AUD $17.95
Pressed from unripe Australian Semillon grapes, this Verjuice lends a delicate acidity to dressings and sauces and is a subtler alternative to sharp vinegars and dry white wines.

The Essential Ingredient Egyptian Dukkah
AUD $9.25
Traditionally served with bread, ideally dipped first in a good olive oil, this savoury combination of hazelnuts, coriander seeds, cumin, sesame seeds, sea salt and cracked pepper is free from preservatives and other additives. Thinking outside the box, this Egyptian Dukkah is perfect sprinkled over salads, dips and steamed rice to add a taste of the Middle East to your dish.

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