Ultra Violet Le Creuset is here!


Anyone who has ever come into the store, and asked about cast iron cooking will know how completely obsessed with Le Creuset we are. Yes, its very pretty to look at, but at it’s core Le Creuset is about good food, cooked unbelievably well. But i don’t slow cook i hear you say. Le Creuset is so much more than slow cooking. Yes throwing everything into the pot on a cold day and letting it simmer away for a couple of hours while you curl up on the couch with a good book (and a pot of tea) sounds awful, doesn’t it? But cast iron cooking in general imparts food with more flavour than say a stainless steel pot slow cooking the same recipe. And slow cooking is only part of the picture. Pasta, check. Soup, bread, cakes. Check , check, check. No oven. but you would really like a roast chook for dinner. It ain’t called a “french oven” for nothing! There is not that much that can’t be cooked in cast iron. For some of us, it’s simply the only option in our kitchens…

Ultra Violet Le Cresuet is instore now.

PS. ZipPay is available

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