Twinkle Sprinkles

Twinkle Sprinkles was founded to provide only the best in quality and the yummiest tasting sprinkles you will find. They are Australia’s preferred sprinkle maker. They source and import sprinkles and decorettes from all over the world and toss together super cute Sprinkle Mixes that you can use in all your baking needs.

Circus Sprinkle 120g

Send in the clowns because the circus is in town! This blend of carnival coloured sprinkles and decorettes will definitely bring the excitement and cheer that you would expect ring side under the big top.

Add colourful patty pans for even more festive fun.

Mermaid Haven 120g

Come with us beneath the waves to the domain of the sea maidens, where life is always fresh, fun and colourful.

Unlike the sailors that came before Odysseus who were lured to their death, your cakes and sweets will be brought to life by the ocean inspired colour pallet of the Mermaid Haven blend.

Miami Sprinkles 120g

The nightlife, the beaches, the waves lapping at your feet, an overpriced cocktail, a coconut falling from a tree *thud!

This is the inspiration behind Miami Sprinkles – a fun-loving blend of sprinkles and decorettes that’s always ready to party.

Pineapple Punch Sprinkles 120g

Do you like Pina Colada? We don’t!

We like Pineapple Punch instead because it adds a whole lot of fruity decoration to our cakes and sweets without the need to go on a creepy blind date with a stranger on the beach.

Cotton Candy Sprinkles 120g

‘Fairy Floss’, ‘Spun Sugar’, ‘Cotton Candy’, whatever you call it, it probably made you very sick as a child.

Rest assured that these pretty as a button Cotton Candy Sprinkles will do no such thing…unless you hate pastel colours, because then they will make you sick in a different way.

Velvet Peacock Sprinkles 120g

Stupid bird, but oh so pretty! The beautiful peacock and all its biological pointlessness is the inspiration behind this sophisticated, yet fun blend of sprinkles.

If you have cake or dessert that’s a little lackluster and are looking for decorations inspired by a creature that wanders aimlessly across the lawns of mansions showing off, then this could be the sprinkle blend that’s right for you.

A range of Twinkle Sprinkles are available now at The Essential Ingredient Rozelle. For current stock levels and pricing information please call us on +612 9555 8300 or visit us in store.

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