Kitchen Garden Tools

The Essential Ingredient is proud to introduce our wonderful new range of kitchen garden products. See the full range in your nearest The Essential Ingredient store (Canberra excepted), or buy a selection online.

Professional chefs and home-cooks alike understand the connection between provenance of ingredients and the quality of the resulting dishes.

Food-lovers increasingly want to connect with their ingredients; to understand how and where each product is sourced and produced.

The Essential Ingredient has always known cooking enthusiasts most often have a love of gardening and for many that connection develops into a desire to grow their own ingredients.

In inner Sydney, concrete courtyards are being turned into glorious gardens filled with potted plants and shrubs.

In Melbourne, laneways and terrace balconies are being transformed into exquisite urban kitchen gardens.

Having a sizeable backyard is no longer a prerequisite for growing your own crops, and Australians across the country are discovering that there is no greater wonder than watching tiny seeds grow into thriving herbs and plants, even a collection of herbs on an apartment window ledge.

Watching a Kitchen Garden spring to life is a joyous exercise: selecting the crop, planting the seeds, nurturing the growing plants and then, finally, harvesting the homegrown herbs and vegetables and using them in a favourite recipe, can make even the most reluctant green thumb feel a visceral connection to the earth.

The Essential Ingredient’s new range of kitchen garden tools are, like everything else they supply, the pinnacle of quality.

Hand-forged from German steel sourced from the Black Forest in Germany, SHW Kitchen Garden Tools are artisan-made for specific tasks in the garden, such as fine hoeing, seed trenching or weeding. Some tools have long handles, while others are shorter for use in raised garden beds and terrace pots. All handles are made from triple varnished ash, and feel as smooth as silk.

The quality of these tools is evident from the moment you hold them, each piece a lifelong investment in quality and pleasure.

The SHW Kitchen Garden Tool range is beautifully designed and perfectly functional. The full range is available in stores now, with a selection also available online.

These tools would make an ideal gift for the budding gardener – whether they tend a traditional large vegetable garden or a more contemporary ‘pots and planters’ urban green space – and can be purchased alongside gorgeous The Essential Ingredient seed packets containing rocket and breakfast radishes or a stylish and functional wooden garden tray to collect all the wonderful home garden herbs, fruit and vegetables.

The Essential Ingredient Kitchen Garden Range:

Digging fork, 100cm*: $119.50
Shovel, 130cm*: $69.90
Ladies Spade, 90cm*: $135.00
Sow’s Tooth Hoe, 135cm*: $125.00
Heart/Broad Blade Hoe, 135cm*: $82.00
Leaf Rake, 135cm*: $75.00
Mulch Fork, 135cm*: $95.50
Weed Remover, 95cm*: $185.00
Hoe- 8cm Blade/3 Prong, 135cm*: $87.50
Hand Sow’s Tooth Hoe, 40cm: $85.00
Hand Trowel (Offset), 33cm: $49.50
Weeding/Transplanting Hand Tool, 38cm: $37.50
Hand Hoe- Heart/Broad Blade, 40cm: $55.00
Hand Hoe- 2 Prong/Broad Blade, 40cm: $55.00
Hand Paving Scraper Tool, 29cm: $49.50

*- Available in-store only

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