The flavours of Korea

Korean food has become hugely popular in Australia in recent years, with multiple Korean BBQ and Korean fried chicken restaurants appearing in every major city in Australia. Explosively flavourful, the food of Korea combines fermented, preserved and pickled notes with fiery counter-melodies of chilli, the artful use of vegetables, and rich, charry barbecue flavours.

Our selection of essential Korean products make it easy to recreate those incredible dishes at your favourite Korean restaurant at home – bibimbap, bulgogi, japchae, even homemade kimchi – and to get creative with your own Korean-inspired masterpieces.

Whatever you’re cooking, don’t forget to surround the main event with banchan; those plentiful, delicious side dishes that no Korean feast is complete without.

Our favourite ingredients include:

Gochujang – the vibrant paste made of chillies and fermented soybeans that adds flavour and heat to so many Korean dishes.

Gochugaru; the bright, red chilli flakes perfect for making kimchi.

Sweet potato noodles (also known as glass noodles), which make a wonderful cold Korean pasta salad, filled with finely sliced vegetables and herbs.

Ssamjang sauce: a perfect condiment for pork-filled Korean lettuce wraps known as ‘ssam’.

Roasted sesame oil, used as both a condiment for Korean barbecue, and a deliciously aromatic addition to marinades and glazes.

Find our whole range of Korean products in your nearest The Essential Ingredient store, or buy online for delivery to anywhere in Australia.

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