The best of India

Indian food is one of the pillars of Australia’s thrillingly multicultural culinary landscape, with Indian restaurants found in almost every suburb in the country, and Indian recipes on high rotation in almost every home.

We’ve scoured the subcontinent and its many varied cuisines to bring you a new range of our favourite Indian flavours, so you can create a feast that will beat anything served at your local curry place. Use them to create traditional meals, like a spread of lamb vindaloo curry and butter chicken with Garam Masala cauliflower, spiced onion bhaji, naan and a mix of pickles and Kasundi, or use them in your own delicious creations.

The Essential Ingredient Vindaloo Paste
Made to a traditional Goan recipe that combines cardamom, vinegar and other spices, create a tangy, aromatic paste that’s mild on spice. Use as a marinade for chicken, beef or lamb or make an authentic pork Vindaloo curry, served with Tomato Kasundi and basmati rice.
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The Essential Ingredient Tandoori Paste
A flavoursome Indian-style paste made of red chillies, fragrant warm spices and savoury tomato. The perfect base for tikka masala and butter chicken but can also be used to marinade other meats, vegetables and tofu before grilling or barbecuing. This product is vegan friendly.
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The Essential Ingredient Garam Masala
Arguably the most important ingredient in Indian cooking, our Garam Masala spice blend is highly aromatic, combining coriander seeds, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and more. Essential for many traditional curries, it also adds flavour to fish, lamb, potatoes, cauliflower and more.
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The Essential Ingredient Madras Curry Powder
This traditional Southern Indian blend of highly aromatic spices, including curry leaves, turmeric, cumin, coriander and more, is the base for many curries. Combine with crushed tomatoes for a rich sauce or add coconut milk for a creamy result.
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The Essential Ingredient Spicy Mango Chutney
This chunky chutney is hot, sweet and delicious with curries, kebabs, added to roast chicken sandwiches or served with charcuterie. This product is suitable for vegans.
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The Essential Ingredient Tomato Kasundi
This vibrant Indian condiment blends fresh tomatoes and fiery spices to make a delicious chutney that is extremely versatile. Serve with curries, dhal and rice dishes or with samosas, pakoras and bhajis. This product is suitable for vegans.
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The Essential Ingredient Eggplant Kasundi
Also known as Brinjal Pickle, this traditional Indian condiment is sweet and spicy with roasted cumin seeds. Scatter over rice, chickpea or dhal dishes or serve with your favourite curry. Delicious with roast lamb or in rolls with leftover roast lamb and yoghurt. This product is suitable for vegans.
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