Soda Press Co.

Soda Press Co.

Enjoy your soda syrups with maximum flavour and 40-50% less sugar without even a hint of sugar substitutes with the Soda Press Co.’s range of delicious small batch syrups.

CLASSIC INDIAN TONIC SYRUP 500ML: Our high-grade quinine is extracted from real Cinchona Bark from the Fever Tree, sustainably collected from deep within the Congolese highlands. The citric tones and subtle botanical flavour combined with burnt bergamot peel, provides the platform for your gin to dance without the fear of being swamped by inferior mainstream tonics.

PINK GRAPEFRUIT SYRUP 500ML: The perfect balance between tart, tang and sweet. This alluring and refreshing drink is perfect from summer to winter as a mixer, cocktails and everyday refreshment.

LIQUORICE & LEMONGRASS SYRUP 500ML: The full bodied warmth of liquorice root soon pairs with the exotic zest of lemongrass, creating a unique and surprisingly refreshing experience.

ORIGINAL GINGER ALE 500ML: Classic Ginger Ale as it used to be; clean and crisp with subtle citrus and ginger notes, leaving the palate fresh without the furry feeling of sugar-laden ginger beer.

OLD FASHIONED LEMONADE 500ML: The way lemonade was made before the big guys came along and ruined it. An old classic with a twist that delivers a truly thirst quenching symphony of citric notes with a dash of blackcurrant and cranberry extract.

BLUEBERRY & LIME SYRUP 500ML: This unique fruit combination is just perfect all year round. Uplifting berry notes followed by a clean pallet with an ever so subtle lime and tart finish.

RASPBERRY & MINT SYRUP 500ML: The ultimate summer drink, uplifting with delicate raspberry tones rounded off with refreshing yet subtle mint notes. Divine as a drink or in cocktails.

BLONDE COLA 500ML: Indulge in a world-first Blonde Cola. Blonde because we left all the nasty stuff out, putting more of the good back in, to create the apex of colas. It blends perfectly with real cola nuts, ginger, lemons, cinnamon, spices, rosemary and lavender. It packs a cola punch whilst low in sugar and caffeine. Oh yeah, we also left out the corrosive phosphoric acid that those other guys put in it.

How Soda Press Co. Syrup is made

How Soda Press Co. Syrups are made

The full Soda Press Co. range of syrups is available now at The Essential Ingredient Rozelle. For current pricing and stock information please call us on +61295558300 or send your enquiry to


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