Silicone Moulds

There isn’t a reality cooking show in the world that hasn’t at one point or another featured a perfectly moulded chocolate sphere, and the cook’s tool that these competitive chefs turn to for all their unique food-shaping needs is a specialty silicone mould. As you’ll see below it’s not all just about spheres, so let your imagination run wild with our selection of specialty shapes in high-grade, durable silicone.

Hemisphere Moulds:

From perfectly round sponges to chocolate replicas of the death star, a Hemisphere Mould can help you create anything that demands spherical perfection.

Specialty Shape Moulds:

What could be more cute than a mini bundt or a beautifully decorated capsule cake? Our specialty shaped silicone moulds let you bring out your inner dessert diva with hard to find shapes that let you recreate some of the culinary world’s most outstanding desserts.

Other important features of our silicone moulds:

  • Food grade silicone
  • Compact tray size for ease of use in home kitchens
  • Temperature tolerance range of -6ºC to +200ºC
  • Reinforced frames for level baking and setting


Silicone moulds are available now at The Essential Ingredient Rozelle. For current stock level and pricing information please call us on +612 9555 8300 or email your enquiry to

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