Royal Nut Butters

Made using 100% hand picked nuts and seeds that are lightly roasted and then lovingly smooshed into delicious pastes and butters, Royal Nut Butters are a premium spread at a not-so-premium price.

Pistachio Nut Butter 250G

Packed with green power and a deliciously unique taste to flauntA spread of premium hand-picked Australian grown pistachios, lightly roasted for a richer flavour. Then crushed and blended into a naturally sweet, beautifully green, decadently creamy spread that will lift any dish. AKA: the culinary showstopper.

Almond Nut Butter 250G

One of the originals, this tasty butter will show you some seriously smooth moves. Premium hand-picked Australian grown almonds, lightly dry-roasted to perfection then crushed and blended, creating a naturally sweet, seriously creamy staple for your pantry.  This soft, silky spread is perfect in every meal and on the end of every spoon. Spread it far and wide.

Cashew Nut Butter 250G

A velvety, delicious dream that will have you coming back for more. The best hand-picked, naturally creamy cashews, roasted to golden perfection, then crushed and blended. It’ll give you a spread softer than your winter cashmere, healthier than your Friday night habits.

Royal Nut Butter 250G

The delicious, superstar blend made by royalty is fit for the nuttiest of kings and queens. Only the most premium almonds, macadamias, cashews, and brazil nuts; hand-picked, roasted, crushed, and blended. This is nutty goodness from our kingdom, considered and working together – skins, oils and all – to give you a beautifully balanced and velvety spread, smoother than your moves on a Saturday night.

ABC Chia Spread 250G

A spread to crown as champion for health, crunch, and taste. The best from the nut kingdom, an ultimate crowd pleaser! Carefully hand-picked almonds, brazil, and cashews, from the finest in the world, lightly roasted and blended into a smooth-meets-crunchy spread. Each nut is amazing and brings powerful benefits to the table. You’ll taste every layer of this seriously addictive and delicious, nutritious blend. As a bonus, we added chia seeds for extra crunch, enhancing the taste and consistency, and adding even more amazing health benefits. How’s that for a quality spread.

Hazelnut Nut Butter 250G

Meet hazel. She brings a whipped decadence to the yard, not milkshakes. The finest hand-picked hazelnuts roasted until golden, rich, and toasty. Then crushed and blended, giving you a full bodied, guilt-free, natural taste and texture so good, you’ll never touch chocolate again.

Macadamia Nut Butter 250G

An Australian native, it’s the finest spread in all the lands. Just ask it. Australian grown premium macadamias are hand-picked, lightly roasted and crushed into a deliciously silky, naturally sweet spread. Nutritiously addictive and incredibly smooth, you’ll melt into bliss when it melts in your mouth. Make friends with this spread, you’ll want to keep it close.

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