Power Flowers – a revolution in cake decorating

Decorating a cake or cupcake with a specific colour has always been an exercise in experimentation; add a few more drops of food colouring, stir, a few more drops, etc. forever.

Power Flowers make cake decorating precise, consistent and unbelievably easy. You can easily create the exact colour you need, and get the same results every time. Power Flowers even transform off-white white chocolate and buttercream to pure white without the need for titanium.

Start by downloading the Power Flowers phone app (available for iPhone and Android). Choose the exact colour you want from the ‘Non-AZR’ swatches, whether it’s precisely matching the colours in a flower, adhering to the palette for a wedding or simply selecting colours that work well together.

Collect the number of Power Flowers indicated by the app (in some cases, this will require slicing a Flower into halves, quarters or eighths). Incredibly, all the colours in the swatches can be replicated using only four Power Flower colours: white, yellow, red and blue.

Prepare 400g of your white chocolate, buttercream, icing or frosting.

If adding to cold buttercream or icing, melt flowers in microwave before adding. If combining with melted white chocolate, simply add the flowers as they are.

Stir to combine, then apply the coloured mix to your cake or cupcake as you normally would.

Power Flowers will change the way you decorate cakes forever. Pick them up now from your nearest The Essential Ingredient store, or buy online for delivery to anywhere in Australia.

**Cake created by Stacy Brewer Cakes, Sydney**

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