Politically themed election food stall ideas

From rocky road and silly circuses to party ghosts, there’s plenty of electoral inspiration at The Essential Ingredient for your polling place cake stall or sausage sizzle.

Politically themed election food stall ideas

Whenever people gather in one place to vote, as they will around NSW this weekend for (some) local government elections, you’ll find cakes stalls and sausage sizzles.

Whether its at the local primary school, Scout Hall or sports centre, there will be some smart cookie who has realised that this is a golden opportunity to make money, while bored people exercising their political rights queue up to cast a vote. It’s a captive audience, after all.

And Australians expect a Democracy Sausage or two as one of those rights. Since voting is compulsory, we might as well get a feed out of it. Remember the last federal election, we had Malcolm Turn-overs , Bill Short-bread, and Richard De Nutella Slice?  There are way too many candidates for the local goverment elections, so we’ve kept it general.

So if you’re one of the countless cooks called up to provide fodder for the franchised masses, here are some inspiring ideas for the cake stall or sausage sizzle from The Essential Ingredient.

Potholed Rocky Road

Roads, rates and rubbish is the mantra of most local governments. So if your electorate’s roads have seen better days, and are full of potholes, this could be your subtle reminder to voters that our transport system needs tending. Name it after a local street or highway.

Pork Barrel Sausage Rolls

You know what they say about politicians. Always with their snouts in the trough. Pork barrelling is a metaphor for the appropriation of government spending for localized projects secured solely or primarily to bring money to a politician’s  area. And since sausages are the order of the day, you can’t go wrong.


For those who know them by the French title, you can sell these chocolate covered choux pastries as profiteeringroles. But for those with more of a trans-Atlantic bent, these are known as cream puffs. Either way, they are light, airy and insubstantial, although fairly expensive. Kind of like a lot of pollies.

Macadamia Brittle Egos

For those fringe candidates who are nutty as, well, just about anything. Make them with whatever kind of nut you like. They will crack at the slightest provocation into tiny pieces, often with sharp edges.  The sweets, that is.

Chocolate Fudge The Numbers

Creative accounting in local politics a problem? Not sure how they cook the books?  It’s a fudge job, for sure. Make your statement at the cake stall in any flavour you like, but voter exit polls  gives the win to chocolate.

Rainbow Plebi-slice

Take any slice you like, cover it with hundreds and thousands, and you’ve got Rainbow Plebisclice, the election food essential linked to a vote that will never get near a polling place. Give it a place at your polling station on Saturday, even though it’s not a local government election issue. Local pollies often get confused about what’s a local issue and what’s federal, so voters are not likely to  complain.

Meri Meri Silly Circus Cupcake Kit

This is a box of 24 patty pans and  cake toppers with themes including “Silly Circus”, “I believe in Unicorns” and “Let’s be Mermaids”.  Given politicians’ propensity to make clowns of themselves, and their faith in magical, fairytale solutions, this is quite appropriate. The kids will love them too.

Party Ghost Moulds

This plastic mould is to make little chocolate figures of ghosts to top your cupcakes or other sweeties. Local government is infamous for attracting candidates with shadowy political connections. Ghosts of political parties can often come back to haunt would-be local government pollies.

If you serve up election themed food at your polling place, please share it with The Essential Ingredient  here. 

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