Pasta Di Liguria

In the northwestern corner of Italy, where the Alps and the Apennine mountains intersect, Ligurians have been crafting their unique styles of pasta for generations. From the intricate twists of the Trofiette– served traditionally with Pesto alla Genovese- to the disc-shaped Croxiette (embossed with the Ligurian flag and perfect with creamy sauces), this is pasta with a history as rich as its flavour.

Made using traditional techniques, Pasta di Liguria is 100% organic with no additives or preservatives. The unique shapes reflect the traditional cuisine of the region, having been developed over centuries to best complement the diverse produce for which the area is known.

Signorine Alle Castagne, made with a combination of durum wheat and organic chestnut flour, brings smoky sweetness to mushroom and game ragu, while the spinach-tinged Foglie D’ulvio evoke their namesake olive leaves swaying gently in the breeze.

Trenette and Fettucce complete the range, available exclusively in Australia from The Essential Ingredient, with the former a dream match for seafood pasta dishes, and the latter traditionally served with meat or mushroom sauces.

The Pasta di Liguria range is available now. Visit your nearest The Essential Ingredient store, or buy online for delivery to anywhere in Australia.

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