Open Scandinavian Sandwiches By The Book

Sometimes it’s not just about the food. Sometimes it’s as much about the conversation. And that means serving dishes that won’t interrupt free flowing discourse, such as Scandinavian open sandwiches.

For more than 15 years, The Novel Lovers book club has met every month at a different member’s house, to discuss what they’ve read, while having lunch. The menu is up to the host – as is the book, which encourages members to read from a genre that they might not otherwise choose.

The books could be everything from modern drama to regency romance and science-fiction, and the food options are just as varied.

This month, the host, Sue, chose Scandinavian open sandwiches. Having worked for a Danish company for 12 years gave her a love for all things Nordic. You always eat these open Scandinavian style sandwiches, known as Smørrebrøt,  with a knife and fork. They make for a smorgasbord that is casual but still impressive.

The following Smørrebrøt have been served for hundreds of years. They remain in favour today because of their classically matched taste combinations and balanced flavours. Serve them on pumpernickel, black bread or rye. Use white bread if you are serving prawns.

Classic open sandwiches

These are what the book club had this month:

Prawns in mayonnaise with caviar and a lemon twist on white bread.

Paté, beetroot strips with mushroom and bacon on black bread.

Sliced pear, crumbled blue cheese and chopped hazelnuts on black bread.

Smoked salmon, omelette strips and fried capers on black bread.

Rare roast beef, remoulade and onions on black bread.

And in a plot twist, dessert was a selection of doughnuts from Doughheads at The Junction.

At The Essential Ingredient Newcastle, you can find all you need to take your Scandinavian open sandwiches to the next level.

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Whatever you plan on serving, we’ve got a cheese to complement your open sandwiches. We stock the finest Australian and imported cheeses, and our knowledgeable staff can help guide your selections. Taste as you shop, ask questions and learn some of the fascinating stories behind our favourite dairy item.

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Tell us about your meals

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