La Tua Farina: the right flour for the job

Getting the best results in the kitchen is easier when you’re using the right ingredients, whether it’s the best kind of rice for a risotto, the most suitable olive oil for your salad dressing or the right vinegar for those pickles.

It’s the same with flour. That bag of ‘all-purpose white’ might be handy, but using the same flour for biscuits, bread, pizza and pasta makes it much tougher to recreate restaurant-quality dishes at home.

La Tua Farina’s range offers flours that have been designed for a specific purpose, carefully developed in Italy to provide home cooks with the same premium and reliable products found in commercial kitchens, where consistency is key.

No compromises have been made in the production process, with only quality harvests of wheat kernels selected to be slowly and gently milled and mixed. Each product has been specially formulated to produce the essential textures and flavours sought after in baked goods, ensuring great results every time.

The range includes:

Pizza Flour
An Italian flour specifically developed for making beautiful homemade pizza. Type 0 is a strong flour with a high protein content, essential for developing the gluten in a traditional pizza dough.

Pasta Flour
An Italian soft wheat ‘00’ flour developed specifically for making fresh pasta. The fine texture of the flour produces a smooth dough that can be used for long or stuffed pasta.

Primivita Wholemeal Flour
A versatile wholemeal flour made from premium Italian wheat. Use this high fibre flour for anything from focaccia to pastry and wholemeal cakes.

Dolci e Frolle Flour
The perfect flour for making pastry, biscuits and sweet and savoury shortcrust. The slightly lower protein content provides structure and will consistently produce a tender crumb.

Potato Gnocchi Premix
Make delicious potato gnocchi at home without the fuss. High quality ingredients are blended together in perfect proportions, resulting in gnocchi with the right texture every time. Just add water, let the dough sit for ten minutes, and roll out your gnocchi.

La Tua Farina Flours are available now from your nearest The Essential Ingredient store, or buy online for delivery to anywhere in Australia.

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