Kayser Soda Siphon

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With the Soda Siphon  you can prepare sparkling water quickly and cheaply. The siphon is certified in accordance with European rules on food contact materials, and its attractive, modern design and elegant, robust stainless steel bottle make this gadget a real eye-catcher on any table. A pack of Kayser soda chargers – weighing only 0.3 kg – provides around 10 litres of soda water. Straightforward soda water that you can enjoy when and wherever you wish!

Benefits of choosing a Soda Siphon over other carbonating systems

  • Soda Siphon sparklets or “chargers” are made of steel and can be placed in your recycling once used.
  • The Soda Siphon vessel is also recyclable, unlike moulded plastic carbonating systems.
  • A Soda Siphon is made of steel and is made once and used many times over. Store soda bottles are made of plastic and are single use.
  • Every 1L of soda costs around 90 cents, which is cheaper than most bottled soda waters.
  • A box of chargers that can make 10 bottles of soda takes up no more space than a bar of soap whereas 10 bottle of store bought soda can take up 1.5 square feet of storage space.
  • No more lugging bottles home from the store. You will have soda on hand as long as you have chargers.
  • The solid construction of the Soda Siphon will give you many years of joy and unlike plastic carbonating machines won’t crack or snap under pressure.


Intended use:

The SODAsiphon STANDARD is used for the carbonising of water. Please follow the operating instructions carefully:

  1. Unscrew the Kayser unit head . Clean the SODAsiphon STANDARD before its first use as described in “Cleaning”.
  2. Remove the riser pipe including the fitted gasket (K702). Check the secure fitting of the measurement pipe (K691) to avoid overfilling the SODAsiphon STANDARD. Then fill the SODAsiphon STANDARD with very cold water.
  3. Insert the riser pipe including the gasket (K702) through the measurement pipe (K691) into the bottle. Ensure correct placement of the gasket on the riser pipe. Subsequently, place the Kayser unit head straight on the Kayser bottle and tighten it.
  4. Insert the gold-coloured Kayser soda charger in the charger holder.
  5. Screw the Kayser charger together with the Kayser charger holder onto the metal threads, until the charger content is audibly released into the bottle. Shake the SODAsiphon STANDARD vigorously and then place it in the refrigerator. (NOT in the freezer compartment!) For best results, the colder the water and the longer it is stored in the refrigerator, the more sparkling the soda water will be. The Kayser charger holder with the Kayser charger can remain on the SODAsiphon STANDARD after the charger has been applied and the bottle was shaken.
  6. Actuate the lever to release the soda water. Always hold the SODAsiphon STANDARD upright when using it. This ensures that no gas can escape, enabling the complete emptying of the bottle.
  7. Store the filled SODAsiphon STANDARD in the refrigerator.
  8. After the contents have been completely removed, actuate the lever of the SODAsiphon STANDARD to relieve the pressure until all of the gas has been released. Then the Kayser unit head can be easily unscrewed from the Kayser bottle.

The Kayser Soda Siphon and soda sparklets or “chargers”are available now at The Essential Ingredient Rozelle. For current pricing and stock information please call us on +61295558300 or send your enquiry to contact@sydneyessential.com.au.

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