The growing world of soy sauce

Although a ubiquitous addition to many dishes in many Asian cuisines, soy sauce is a complex and often undervalued ingredient. Traditionally made by fermenting a paste of soybeans and grains in brine, the unmistakable black liquid plays the roles of ingredient, condiment and sauce with equal success.

While ‘light’ and ‘dark’ soy sauces are commonly available in pantries and on dining tables, a growing understanding of the nuances of soy sauce- and its varied applications- is leading cooks and chefs to seek out interesting variations.

Our new range of soy sauce products create new applications and encourage exciting new flavour combinations for this amazing ingredient.

The Essential Ingredient Freeze Dried Soy Crumbs

Made from soy aged for three years, these flakes add texture and flavour to freshly shucked oysters, grilled seafood, noodle and rice dishes or almost any other Asian-inspired recipe. Use in a spice rub to add an Asian kick, or add to pastries and crumbs.

Kawanaka Smoked Soy Sauce

Made with cherry wood-smoked bonito, this soy sauce adds intense and complex smokiness with rich umami notes. Use in dipping sauces or to finish noodles and salads, or simply pour a few drops over freshly-shucked oysters.

Teraoka ‘Jouzo’ White Soy Sauce

Sweeter and lighter than traditional soy sauce this ‘white’ soy is actually a vibrant gold colour. More nuanced in flavour that traditional soy sauce, and perfect for dressing noodles and salads, white soy sauce is full of umami without being too overpowering.

Check out these soy products– and our entire range of Asian ingredients and condiments- online and in-store now.

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