Glenelg River Herbs

Not only are Glenelg River Herbs Australia’s largest grower of Rosemary but they also grow thyme, oregano & sage. All of their herbs are paddock grown in the Mediterranean climate of far western Victoria.They are then harvested, air dried & packaged on site ensuring a fresh & tasty real dried herb every time, plus they are pesticide free! 

Dried herbs are definitely a pantry staple, so we’ve put together plenty of ideas on how to use them:

*Lemon Thyme: With a strong citrus aroma, lemon thyme is a very versatile herb. It’s perfect to add to salads, vegetable dishes & chicken. It can also be used to infuse teas and syrups.

*Thyme: Probably the most used herb! It adds intense flavour to bean, egg & vegetable dishes as well as salads, soups, sauces, breads & stews.

*Oregano: Ever cooked Italian without Oregano? Me neither! Use to flavour meats, fish, vegetables, pizzas, pastas & tomato sauces.

*Sage: Used in many European cuisines, it works well with pork, sausages, goose and lamb. It’s also perfect for adding to stuffings, risottos & pumpkin dishes.

*Rosemary: Most of us would be adding rosemary to our roasts lamb but it’s also delicious with pork, chicken & turkey. A great herb to have around for sauces & even desserts.

*Rosemary Skewers: My favourite Glenelg River Herbs product!! Thread a selection of your favourite vegetables, pork, chicken or lamb onto these skewers to add a burst of flavour.
We recently made lamb & halloumi kebabs with the rosemary skewers, with a drizzle of our extra virgin olive oil &  a sprinkle of grey sea salt with herbes de provence.

*Bouquet Garni: These bundles can be steeped in soups, marinades, stocks & stews to impart the perfect amount of flavour every time.

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