Fruity Sacks

One of the biggest sinners when it comes to single use plastics is the disposable fruit and vegetable bag. These 12.7 micron thick (that 1 one hundredth of a millimetre thick) bags break easily, but won’t break down, are barely reusable and cannot be recycled through readily available recycling services. Still we use them by the millions each and every year and almost every single one of them ends up in landfill, while some become airborne and float out to sea. It’s time to say goodbye to these professional polluters.

What is a Fruity Sack?

In the words of Fruity Sack creator Leandra Coffey…

“I created Fruity Sacks because I was tired of coming home with a handful of unwanted plastic bags nearly every time I went fruit and veg shopping. I wanted an alternative to the insidious little plastic bag –something that was about the same size, lightweight and see through, something that was washable and durable so that it could be reused for many years.”

A Fruity Sack is a lightweight, see-through polyester mesh bag that allows you to keep your fresh produce safe while doing a little bit for the planet as you reduce your consumption of single use plastic bags.

Important Facts

  • Fruity Sacks are priced at $11.95 for a pack of 3.
  • Making 1 fruity sack generates the same greenhouse gas emissions as 13 plastic bags, so simply using them 14 times or more is helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere.
  • Because a Fruity Sack is 12gms heavier than a plastic bag your fruit and veg will cost a couple of cents extra, but that’s a small price to pay for saving the planet from plastic pollution.
  • While Fruity Sacks aren’t biodegradable, considerable resource goes into making single use degradable plastic bags for them to only be used once and discarded. Using a Fruity Sack means you are eliminating the need for single use plastic bags altogether!

Fruity Sacks are available now at The Essential Ingredient Rozelle. For current pricing information and stock levels please call us on +612 9555 8300 or email your enquiry to


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