Freeze dried fruit and fruit powders

Freeze dried raspberry powder

Freeze dried fruit pieces and fruit powders, made in Australia from 100% fruit, are now available at your nearest The Essential Ingredient Store. You can also buy online for delivery to anywhere in Australia.

The technique of freeze drying dates back thousands of years, the ancient Inchas people developing the technique to store food supplies to survive the unpredictably harsh environment of the Andes mountains.

High altitudes allowed crops (such as potatoes) to freeze during the frosty nights, then left to dry in the hot sun of the day. Over a long period of time, this would create the same effect as our contempory ‘freeze drying’ process.

Also called lyophilization, the freeze drying process begins with freezing, followed by subjecting the product to vacuum to dehydrate it.

Of all food drying techniques, freeze-drying has the least impact on flavour and texture. Compared to other techniques such as sun-drying, shrinkage is also kept to a minimum.

These benefits are particularly invaluable when preserving fruits.

Freeze dried apricot pieces

The Essential Ingredient now stocks a range of freeze dried fruit pieces and fruit powders.

After freeze drying, the Australian-grown fruits are shattered into smaller pieces and packaged immediately.

With their long shelf life, these freeze-dried fruit pieces are destined to become the pastry chefs secret ingredient in the pantry.

The fruit pieces can be re-hydrated and added to your favourite recipes, though if used as they are, they add a crunchy texture and vibrant colour that complements desserts and makes a striking garnish for cakes.

The range of fruit powders are produced simply by grinding freeze-dried fruits. With no added maltodextrin, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, you are injecting the nothing but the natural flavour of Australian fruit into your favourite recipes.

The range of freeze-dried fruit pieces and powders are gluten free, dairy free and fat free.

Choose from our exciting range of freeze dried fruits and fruit powders, and explore the opportunities this brilliant pantry item can open up!

• Raspberry Fruit Pieces
• Apricot Pieces
• Strawberry Pieces
• Lemon Juice Powder
• Pineapple Powder
• Yellow Peach Powder
• Passionfruit Powder

Visit your nearest The Essential Ingredient Store for freeze-dried fruit and fruit powders, or buy online for delivery to anywhere in Australia.

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