Father’s Day gifts from The Essential Ingredient

Forget the hardware, the man cave paraphernalia, socks, jocks and sporting goods. If your dad is as comfortable in the kitchen as anywhere, or you’d like him to be,  think outside the square this year for Father’s Day.

The Essential Ingredient has gifts for every level of cook, whether your dad is an experienced chef, a kitchen stalwart or a relative newbie. Here are some gift ideas to fire your Dad’s imagination and fuel his passions.  

Pastry gifts for dad

For the Pastry Poppa:

Whether he’s into profiteroles or pies, pizza or palmiers, give your Dad an excuse to get floury hands and buttery fingers. Even if you haven’t got a lot of dough, we’ve got the goodies, from a new rolling pin through to a whizz bang food processor with a dough hook. He kneads this stuff.

For The Godfather:

If your Dad is head of an international crime family, you’ll want to stay on his good side. Even if he’s more Elliot Ness than Al Capone, you can still make him an offer he can’t refuse.  Get him a new pasta maker, or chose from our selection of fabulous dried pastas, pasta sauces, or hit up the deli counter for some salami, sopressa, prosciutto and olives. Leave the gun, take the cannoli.

For the BBQ King:

When Dad is the ultimate Ken of the kitchen, we’ve got the Barbie gear he needs.  Mesquite chips for smoky flavours, chipotle peppers, a huge paella stand and plenty of books on the art of the BBQ  – jump in your pink convertible and come get the goodies he’ll need for the ultimate pool party at your Dream Home.   

For the Brew-meister Bro:

Appealing to the inner science nerd who digs chemistry, and the suburban guerilla who wants to survive the apocalypse with a drink in hand, a ginger beer or cider kit gives your Dad the ability to create alcoholic beverages in his own home. That’s power.     

For the Cellar Dweller Dad:

We’ve got the bar craft books, gadgetry and glassware to open, pour, store and enjoy the fruit of the wine, like the Reidel Boa Decanter . . .  and we’ve got the cheese and crackers to go with the wine. Some children drive their dads to drink. But some provide all the accoutrements so their Dad doesn’t have to even leave home for the bar. Chose which one you’ll be.  

For the Old Man And The Sea:

If there’s something fishy about your Dad, do not despair. From fish steamers to Australian mullet roe,  prawn peelers, oyster shuckers, fresh salmon, trout and gravlax, anchovies, sea salt and marine themed cookbooks, you can get something to float Dad’s boat.   

For the Discerning Dad:

 Your Dad knows the difference between Fattorie Giacobazzi Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena DOP Affinato, and Paez Morilla Adelantado Gran Reserva Aged Vinegar De Jerez.  The former is made under strict guidelines set to ensure only traditional methods are used.  Balsamico Affininato has been aged for a minimum of twelve years resulting in a dense aromatic syrup with an amazingly deep and complex flavour. The later is named after the term for a Spanish Governor in charge of vinegars and preserved vegetables.  The Adelantado is an exceptional sherry vinegar preserved for over 10 years in American Oak casks, with complex and perfectly balanced results . . . .  In which case get your Dad a gift card, because he’ll know exactly what he wants from our specialist food products. 

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