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Good food and good cooking are the beginnings of a happy day, the makings of a balanced meal at the end of it and a beautiful way to connect to those we love.

Every year we have the honour of developing a cooking school program in Prahran that gathers great culinary minds who offer their skills and insights to make you the best cook you can be and we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our cooking school program for 2017.

The ever-evolving world of the culinary arts is part of our great passion and we ask you to join us and immerse yourself in what we believe is our most exciting year yet!

We have familiar faces returning to teach this year alongside seven new presenters. You’ll be embracing new skills, using new ingredients, getting healthier and indulging in simple deliciousness.

Food writer Emiko Davies will celebrate the release of her second book, Aquacotta and share her crazy-love for her Italian home.
Chef Shannon Martinez from Fitzroy’s Smith & Daughters will teach her class how to prepare delicious vegan dishes with big, bold, colourful flavours worthy of celebrations and sharing.
And chef, Nicky Riemer will return to Essential Ingredient Prahran to show her class how to conquer the one pot wonder.

You’ll also be able to learn the art of smoking and curing meats; discover tricks and tips to make your good Sunday roast, great; start working on menus for gut health, and cook and enjoy what is eaten during a Nordic Celebration. In every class you’ll have the opportunity to learn from our experts and with over 40 classes in our Prahran Cooking School, you’ll have the possibility to reach your culinary potential.

The full schedule of our Cooking School program is now released in store online so BOOK NOW!

For a second year we are setting up shop at Deakin Edge during the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival MasterClass weekend on 1st & 2nd April.  Coinciding with the World’s Best 50 Restaurant Awards, this years MasterClass  brings together 8 masters who have featured prominently on the World’s Best 50 list.

We have Carlo Cracco, David Thompson, Gaston Arcurio and Andre Chiang signing their books and showcasing just why they are the Worlds Best.

Be sure to visit us over the weekend for your chance to engage with these masterminds.

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