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How to Make the Perfect French Canelé

This classic French pastry can be intimidating, but this recipe by Alistair Wise can easily be achieved at home, with the proper copper moulds. Learn here to how to bake the perfect French Canelé.


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Vanilla News

The past few years have seen an extreme shortage of good quality vanilla and the following report aims to explain why vanilla has become so expensive.

The world’s second largest producer is Indonesia where vanilla plant disease has decimated production over the past 5 years. Most vanilla is grown in developing countries where regulatory control of production is very difficult.

The global demand for vanilla has far exceeded supply. Where 1kg of vanilla is equivalent to the annual wage of vanilla workers in Madagascar (the world’s largest vanilla producer) there has been widespread early picking, which has resulted in green inferior beans, let alone massive theft by criminals.

The Essential Ingredient has remained committed to excellent quality vanilla products and will continue to faithfully supply the best vanilla we can seek, which unfortunately is expensive at the moment. It is anticipated that prices will start to fall later in 2018 when world production will slowly be restored.



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