Great reasons to join a cooking class at The Essential Ingredient

Great reasons to join a cooking class at The Essential Ingredient

If you love cooking, if you’ve been intending to get together a friend for some quality time, but are always busy, it’s time to get organised and enroll together at one of The Essential Ingredient’s great cooking classes.

You don’t have to commit to weeks of lessons – you just need half a day or less. We have weekday evening classes as well as weekend ones, in a wide range of culinary styles.   

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These are just a few of the benefits you can get from undertaking a cooking class.

Better culinary skills

Cooking is one of the most valuable skills you’ll ever acquire. But there’s so much more to it than learning new recipes. It’s about building a strong base of versatile skills, from menu planning to properly using your kitchen equipment.  And, of course, you’ll also learn how to make sweet and savoury dishes to satisfy all the senses.

Explore your creativity

Cooking and baking are not just skills; they’re also a form of art. When you cook, you’re taking base elements – the ingredients  – and making them into something unique. Whether you’re learning to make bao bao, pastry, pasta, a tagine, Indian curries or a chocolate mousse, you’ll be tapping into your creative side.

Boost your practical skills

Learning to cook is fun, but it also develops a lot of skills that you use in the real world – multi-tasking, project management, time management. If you can do it in the kitchen, you can do it elsewhere.  

Socialise with like-minded people

It’s always a joy to learn alongside people who share your interests and passions. Come with a friend, in a group or on your own. Our cooking classes are inclusive, happy places where you can meet other fellow travellers on the road to culinary discovery.  

Increase your confidence

Nothing makes you feel more self-confident than mastering a skill, and the best way to learn any skill is to simply do it.  When you take cooking classes at The Essential Ingredient you’ll have the opportunity for hands-on, practical learning in a real kitchen.

Follow your passions

Whether cooking is a newly discovered interest, or something you’ve dreamed of pursuing for years, there’s no better time than the present to follow your passions and make your dreams into a reality.

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