Christmas shopping list

Let’s face it- Christmas shopping is exhausting. Even the most well-planned of us have arrived back at home, cooking underway, and discovered we’ve forgotten something important.

The Essential Ingredient has everything you need to ensure your Christmas feasts are a delicious success: quality ingredients, professional cookware, beautiful tableware and much more.

This handy shopping list will ensure that you haven’t forgotten anything you need.

Apple glaze for ham
Brandy butterscotch sauce
Candied & dried fruits
Christmas confectionery
Capers & caperberries
Cranberry relish
Duck & goose fat
Duck foie gras & rillette
Dulce de leche
Fruit pastes
Ham bag
Hand balm & wash
Horseradish & mustard
Lemon curd
Linen Napkins
Oatcakes & flatbread
Olive oils & nut oils
Paella pans & burners
Pickled cherries
Pudding & mixing bowls
Salt & pepper
Sardines, squid & octopus
Squid ink

Visit your nearest The Essential Ingredient store for all your festive needs.

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