Best of the Bazaar

A stroll through a Moroccan bazaar is a beautiful assault on the senses. As the central meeting place of ideas, tools and ingredients it brings together the best of colourful local cuisine with many influences from travels abroad. This is the place to source your tagine essentials.

While Sydney might be shy of the local bazaar there are many Australian producers and distributors who are bringing the best ingredients of the Middle East to our doorstep.

Malouf’s Spice Mezza:

Greg Malouf is the father of Middle Eastern cuisine in Australia and this is why we look to him first for authentic spice blends and wet spices from the region. His restaurants have been awarded Michelin Stars and his contribution to Middle Eastern cuisine internationally recognised.

Al-Rabih Midde Eastern Foods:

Al-Rabih are dedicated to bringing the best Middle Eastern and Mediterranean ingredients to the Australian table. Their pomegranate molasses pictured below is undeniably addictive, while their rose and orange blossom waters will add unmatched flavour and aroma to your middle eastern sweets.

The Essential Ingredient:

In our own global travels The Essential Ingredient has managed to source some of the most vital ingredients for Moroccan cuisine. Our rose petals and rosebuds are highly sought after while our range of pashmak (Middle Eastern Fairy Floss) is the perfect finishing touch to so many desserts and cakes.

Herbie’s Spice Emporium:

Our in store Herbie’s Spice Emporium carries over 95 individual spices, dried herbs and spice blends which also includes a dedicated range of Middle Eastern and Moroccan specific blends like Baharaat, Ras el Hanout and Tagine Spice Blend. Visit us in store today to see our extensive range and if you need some advice on any ingredient, one of our friendly staff will be able to help you.

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