Benriner Japanese Mandolines

Sharp tools are as essential to the kitchen as any quality ingredient. While proficient knife skills are important; sometimes you just need to get the job done fast.

If filling your workspace with a full size food processor is something you’d rather avoid, then maybe you should consider a mandoline. There are lots out there to choose from, but we think that Japanese mandolines give you the best value for money. Benriner Japanese mandolines in particular are compact, easy to use and have super sharp cutting blades that can either be sharpened once blunt (master blade) or replaced (fine shredding blades).

Benriner No.64 Mandoline

If simple slicing and shredding are all you require, but precision is still important, then look no further than the Benriner No.64. With a flat slicing blade that you can set to virtually any width and fine, medium and course shredding blades you will be able to slice and shred your way through both the toughest and the most delicate small to medium sized vegetables.

  • BPA free moulded body
  • Handcrafted Japanese stainless steel blades
  • Finger guard
  • Width adjustable carriage

Benriner No.95 Mandoline

If you’re wanting to shred or slice larger vegetables like cabbage and pumpkin then the Benriner No.95 is for you. With all the features of the smaller Benriner, but with much more room to move you’ll be whipping up fillings for everything from coleslaw to homemade kimchi.

  • BPA free, durable moulded body.
  • Handcrafted Japanese stainless steel blades.
  • Finger guard
  • Width adjustable carriage.
  • Extra wide cutting surface for large vegetables like quarter cabbage and pumpkin


Benriner mandolines plus many more mandolines are available in store. For current pricing and stock levels please call us on +61295558300 or visit us in store.

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