5 Gifts for Gin Drinkers

A perfectly mixed gin cocktail is the hot new thing, but not so long ago gin was derided as the beverage of choice for bored housewives, and unfairly referred to as ‘Mother’s Milk’. Fast forward a decade and gin is being rediscovered as the perfect spirit for bringing to life a veritable treasure trove of botanical flavours and aromatics. So with gins amazing resurgence on our minds, we’ve selected 5 perfect tools and ingredients to enhance your gin swilling experience at home.

Soda Press Co. Classic Indian Tonic Syrup

Why does tonic water have to have so much sugar in it? It doesn’t and it shouldn’t! But who wants to spend hours making their own tonic? Not us! Thank the higher powers then for Soda Press Co. Classic Indian Tonic syrup which contains 50% less sugar when mixed than that really popular brand we all buy. Ssssssssh. Handcrafted in small batches this syrup is the perfect companion to your most beloved batch distilled gin or at home alcoholic infusion. Just add soda.

Herbie’s Ginspiration Spice Kit

If you are one for tinkering with your own tipple, but worry about the associated safety concerns of an in-house distillery fire, then the Herbie’s Ginspiration Spice Kit is for you. Simply take a bottle of quality vodka, add the specially selected combination of 11 spices and aromatics and let it all infuse over three days. The end result is a gin that is floral and herbaceous and screams ‘I’m my own at home artisan!’

RCR Double Old Fashioned Spirit Glasses 360ml

We know that you know that the glass you serve a cocktail in says a lot about you as a person. Right? Serve your gin in any old glass and you will be judged! For a long time wine has been king of the liquor cabinet, so naturally it has been wall to wall stemware and wine tumblers. While a gin cocktail served in a wine tumbler is okay, we suspect that you’re not the the type of barkeep who settles for mediocre presentation. There is only one home for your mixologist marvels and that’s in etched crystal. Clink clink!

The Curious Bartender’s Gin Palace

For those who like a deeper understanding of the origins, historical uses, contemporary innovations and even the future of their gin, there is The Curious Bartender’s Gin Palace. This fabulous book is filled with fun facts about gin that you can drop on barroom dullards mid-cheers! You’ll look like you know everything about everything. You’ll also be blessed with a selection of gin cocktails recipes backed up by the wise musings of mixologist Tristan Stephenson.

Gin & Tonic Revolution Kit

You know it all, you’ve seen it all…and now…you’re looking for something new for your gin experience. The MoleculeR Gin & Tonic R-Evolution kit is a surefire way to revitalise your tired gin cocktail with all you need to create tonic clouds, gin caviar, your own tonic syrup and even an encapsulated gin and tonic bubble.

These items plus many more barware accessories and cocktail ingredients are available now at The Essential Ingredient Rozelle. For current pricing information and stock levels please call us on +612 9555 8300 or visit us in store.

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