Ideas for pastry shells

Our ready made pastry cases are an absolute life saver. They are perfect for this time of year when you need to take a last minute dish to a BBQ or when you decide to throw an impromptu get-together. Here are some of our favourite ways to fill them:

*Goats cheese with caramelised onion. This classic is always a winner. Spoon the goats cheese into the pastry case & top with caramelised onion. Pop into a warm oven for 5 minutes.

*Smoked salmon & cream cheese. Mix cream cheese with finely chopped dill & capers. Spoon into shell & top with a curl of thinly sliced smoked salmon.

*Goats cheese, pesto & roasted capsicum. Spread shells with basil pesto, crumble goats cheese & top with a thin slice of roasted red capsicum.

*Guacamole & Prawn. Mix avocado with Herbies Guacamole Mix. Spoon into shell & top with a small cooked prawn.

*Tandoori chicken with tzatziki. Spoon the tzatziki into the shell & top with a slice of tandoori chicken.

*Ricotta & marinated baby figs. Spoon ricotta into into the shell & top with a baby fig.

*Lemon meringue. Spoon Pepe Saya’s lemon curd into the shell. Top with a mini meringue. We also love lemon curd with fresh raspberries & a dusting of icing sugar.

*Chocolate & mascarpone. Melt 100gm dark chocolate & mix into 300gm mascarpone until smooth. Spoon into pastry shell with a sprinkle of Callebaut cacoa nibs or dust with cocoa powder.

*Dulce de leche. Spoon dulce de leche into shell with a sprinkle of Callebaut dark chocolate crispearls.

The possiblities are endless!

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