10 handy utensils for cooks

What do you do when your toast gets stuck in the toaster? Do you risk death? Or what happens when You need to whip up an Asian salad, but can’t find all the parts to the food processor? Well like most kitchen tasks there’s a tool for that, so let’s walk you through our pick of the 10 kitchen utensils you shouldn’t be without.

Krisk Bean Slicer

Your Nanna probably did this by hand and loved every minute of it, but you would rather be taking photos of your sliced beans sautéed in burnt butter and garnished with lardons right? Of course you would! Get yourself a Krisk Bean Slicer then. In one single continuous movement you can have chef quality sliced and stringed beans without the crippling hand spasms.

Digital Pocket Thermometer

A chef wouldn’t be without one so you shouldn’t either. Giving an instant read for core temperatures and liquids a digital pocket thermometer is invaluable when temperature accuracy is critical. They also come with a handy cover that you can clip to your pocket so that you don’t end up with oil stains on your novelty apron.

Toast Tongs

Don’t die for over-caramelised bread. Save yourself or loved-ones from an early visit to the funeral home with a pair of toast tongs. Made from non-conductive timber, toast tongs let you safely retrieve that artisan slice from your old-timey hipster toaster without fear of premature death.

Julienne Peeler

You only need a little Asian slaw, but the food processor is heavy and your back is sore from yoga and the kids are screaming…SCREAMING!!!!!! Solve the first problem with a julienne peeler and make just the right amount of matchstick thin vegetables. The other 2 problems…you’re on your own.

The Dreamfarm Supoon

Imagine a world where exceptional design meets practical, everyday kitchen needs. Introducing the new Apple i… Okay it’s not a revolutionary piece of technology, more an evolution of 2 essential kitchen tools into one handy utensil. The Dreamfarm Supoon gives the benefits of a serving spoon with integrated measurements markers for tablespoon and teaspoon measurements. Its thoughtful flat end makes it perfect for scraping and its bendy handle means the base of the spoon never touches your countertop.

Reusable Food Wraps

I shudder to think how much single-use cling wrap I have consumed in my life, but fortunately those days are now over. Reusable food wraps are made from flexible BPA free silicon and can be used in pantry, fridge or freezer to keep your ingredients fresh. When it comes time to wash them simply clean with hot soapy water or pop them in the dishwasher.

Fish Tweezers

Seems excessive right? Tell that to your dinner guests when they are choking on a fish bone. These large, flat-ended tweezers will help you to remove every one of those pesky little throat stabbers from your freshly filleted fish.

‘Crack-It’ Boiled Egg Cracker

Forget the mess that you are used to. No more eggshell grit for you! A nice clean crack is what you want for your boiled egg and that’s what the Crack-It will give you. Place the cover over the egg and pull the spring-loaded ball up, then let go. Now simply remove the perfectly formed shell cap and enjoy that golden googly egg.

Potato Ricer

Making gnocchi or a cottage pie? Well mash no more! A potato ricer is your best friend, allowing you to mashed whole unpeeled potatoes. That’s right, no more peeling! You also get the benefit of added flavour and nutrition from those healthy potato skins.

2 in 1 Citrus Squeezer

When life gives you lemons…squeeze them, but if life gives you too many lemons you are going to need this citrus squeezer. The 2 in 1 Citrus Squeezers cast iron body makes light work of lemons and limes, giving you maximum juice while leaving the pips, pulp and rind behind.

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