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How do you honour the woman who gave you life? What gift illustrates your gratitude for all those thankless tasks she did without complaint this past year, and all the years before?


Anything is going to be a mere token of your love, but if you’re going to go in for the commercialisation of affection (and we strongly suggest you do, lest a more conventional sibling gets all the glory), here are some great gift ideas, to suit the many moods of mums – and the many budgets of children and other appreciative family members.

For the studious mum:
Mum taught you so much, return the favour and enrol her in one of our upcoming cooking classes. We have one, three and five hour classes on offer in our state-of-the-art cooking school kitchen. In the next few months we have Korean, South Indian and Italian classes coming up, as well as lessons covering fermentation, pasta and winter sauces, pizza, pastry, cheese and more. Or you could enrol yourself instead, and let mum know that you’ll be making her dinner for the time being.

For the tech savvy mum:
If your mum can’t be separated from her smartphone, and loves to grab a coffee on the run, we’ve got the perfect thing – a smart cup from Frank Green. It’s got a smart payWave chip. Download the app, sync with the chip, and with a swipe of the cup, mum can be paying for her coffee like all the hipsters do.

For the mum in a hurry;
If she, or you, are too busy to cook, come to our deli and chose from a selection of prepared frozen meals, including chili con carne, ragout Bolognese, beef bourguignon, mild jungle curry, duck confit, Mexican beef brisket, chipotle braised beef short rib, beef and potato massaman curry, beef and pork cassoulet, pork, apple and fennel sausage roll, Sri Lankan chicken curry, and oxtail and tomato braise. You get the idea – and the dinner.

For the reader mum:
She read to you every night. She loves reading herself. Get her a book from our massive wall of food related books. Cook books themed by geographic region, by ingredient, by author, by lifestyle and by meal – we’ve got heaps. And if your mum’s more into short stories than the long form read, she’ll love the instructions book that come with our fabulous kitchen appliances.

For the artsy mum:
Unique. Beautiful. Special. That’s your mum, and that’s Mud ceramics. These handmade one-of-a-kind bowls and platters are made in Sydney using porcelain imported from Limoges. Yes, that Limoges. In France.

For the pirate mum:
Some mums work at home, some go to offices, and others take off in creaking pirate ships, raiding the Spanish Main in search of treasure. If your mum’s a bit of a swashbuckler and loves a shiny sparkly thing, we have lots of glistening copperware, glinting steel knives and sparkling steel implements. Perfect for the kitchen buccaneer.

For the disco mum:
We don’t sell leg warmers, or blue eyeshadow, but we have the cute Disco Beep egg. Place it in a saucepan of water with your eggs, and a temperature sensor detects when the water is boiling and then from that point, a timer will start to count down until the perfect conditions are reached for the ideal egg. “Celebration” for soft boiled eggs, “That’s the Way (I like it)” for medium and “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life” for hard boiled. Match with Dame Edna style onion cutting goggles for some serious 70s style.

For the mermaid mum:
Go back to the beach with squid’s ink, seaweed and salmon for the aquaphilic mum. We also have some lovely herbs and sauces perfect for seafood, and a beautiful steel fish steamer. Some of our tablecloths are big enough to be beach towels too.

For the hot mumma:
If mum is a spice girl, we have the goods – all manner of chili products, from powders to pastes, dried, in sauces and relishes, jars and tins. From mild mannered to fiery hot, however mum prefers, we can help her heat things up.

For the theatrical mum:
If mum likes to dress up, we’ve got fifty shades of black and white – all the chef clobber from hats to aprons, checked pants, double breasted uniform shirts, steel capped clogs and neckerchiefs. Who says you have to be a paid professional to wear the gear?

For the literary mum:
Literary genius mums can’t resist a clever, symbolic present. So you shouldn’t go past Murray River Salt. If she’s fond of her fairy tales and interpreting Shakespeare, she won’t miss the reference. You love her like good meat loves salt. She’ll get it.

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