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Stelton Vacuum Jug

The Stelton vacuum jug kicked off 30 years of collaboration between Peter Holmblad’s business acumen and Erik Magnussen’s creative power. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the duo produced a wide range of design hits that appealed across generations of gift givers.

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Copper TangleStelton Tangle Dish

New, decorative dish with a pleasingly harmonious pattern, Tangle. The dish with the copper band sparkles, adding an element of luxury to your home. Use it simply to grace your home, or for serving bread at the table. The Tangle dish makes it easy to bring the contemporary warm metal trend into your home.

Embrace SS BasketStelton Embrace Basket

A new bread tray extends the popular Embrace-series. The bread tray has a practical bread bag that ensures the breadcrumbs stay in the tray instead of ending on the table. The tray is made of stainless steel and the classic organic forms known from the Embrace-universe give an elegant look and a decorative touch to every set table. The bread tray is also ideal to store fruit and vegetables and enjoy how the colours create a beautiful contrast to the frame of steel.

Grinder Black White Grinder Blue Gray Grinder NudeMenu Bottle Grinders

The Bottle Grinder mills more than salt and pepper. It is a spice grinder, so you can choose to freshly mill larger and more unusual spices in interesting ways. The bottle-shaped grinder is made of plastic and wood with a ceramic mechanism. In addition to its minimalist, bold design and solid handle, it is also highly functional: the mill sits at the top so that salt, pepper and spices are only dispensed when you grind. In other words, no salt or pepper on the table.

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