Catalan Cream – a timeless classic

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There is no better dessert than a well executed custard.

There’s something wonderful about rediscovering an old treasured recipe.

This one comes with thanks to Jenni, a long time  customer, who has held onto an Essential Ingredient newsletter from 2002 and brought in store to share with us.

There is no better dessert than a well executed custard – simple, elegant and satisfying,

Almost every country has its own version. The finest panna cotta from Italy, luxurious creme brulée and creme caramel from France, and the smooth, rich Catalan cream from Spain is no exception.





6 large egg yolks

500ml milk

500ml cream

160g sugar

50g cornflour

Rind from half a lemon

Rind from half an orange

One cinnamon stick

Half teaspoon vanilla extract

Caster sugar for the toffee


Bring the milk and cream almost to the boil with the orange and lemon rind, the cinnamon stick and the sugar. Remove from the heat and allow to infuse for 30 minutes.

Combine the vanilla extract, egg yolks and the cornflour in a bowl.

Strain the milk mixture and add about half a cup to the eggs. Mix well.

Bring the balance of the strained milk just to the boil and add to the eggs, stirring constantly.

Put the cream in the top half of a bain-marie and return to the heat. Stir constantly until  the cream thickens.

Spoon into six terracotta Catalan cream/tapas dishes. Allow to cool, and then refrigerate.

An hour before serving, sprinkle an even layer of caster sugar over the custards and place under a grill or use a salamander iron or blowtorch to caramelise the sugar topping.

Allow to rest at room temperature until required.

The Essential Ingredient stocks Graupera terracotta Catalan dishes, vanilla pods, paste and extract, cinnamon sticks, a selection of sugars and kitchen blow torches and microplanes.

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