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water-1882395_1920Hydration is just as important in the cooler weather as it is in summer, and even more so if you indulged in a little too much alcohol.  

It’s easy to lose track of just how much water you’ve had, but Australian designer Frank Green has made a water bottle that comes with its own app to keep you on track.

Frank Green’s philosophy is to design innovative products that are stylish, functional and good for the environment. The company couldn’t find a water bottle that ticked all its boxes, so they invented one – the SmartBottle. The 740ml bottle comes with a unique code to activate the Hydrate app, which you can download for free for iOS or Android devices.

The app can remind you when to drink based on your lifestyle factors, and you don’t need to manually input how much water you’ve drunk – just tap your phone on the lid to record hydration. You can set reminders to keep you on track for your hydration goals and even calculate how many plastic bottles you’ve saved from going into landfill.  

The bottle is easy to use with one hand, with a push-button to open and close its spill-resistant lid. It’s designed, engineered and made in Australia.

If apps aren’t your thingwater horizontal, the Joseph Joseph water bottle has a lid that you manually click to record the number of times it’s been refilled.

The 600ml bottle is impact resistant, dishwasher safe. The leak-proof lid makes it perfect for use at home, in the gym or at the office and has a wider opening so you don’t need to squeeze to drink like a sports top.

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Come in to the Essential Ingredient Newcastle to get your Frank Green or Joseph Joseph water bottle, and drink to your heart’s content. Cheers!



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