Winter Blues

This is how we embrace the winter blues with our selection of the deliciously stylish and beautifully practical.

We constantly update our book titles and there is a rich selection of books to satisfy the cook in you this winter. Spice Journey by Shane Delia, The Nordic Cook by Magnuss Nilsson and all of Nigel Slater’s books will provide insight into great …

Recipe: Twice-cooked duck with verjuice-baked chestnuts on farro

This recipe has been created exclusively for The Essential Ingredient by Karen Martini. To be the first to receive these seasonal recipes, sign up to our eNewsletter on the home page.

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Serves 4

Difficulty: A bit challenging

Prep. time approx. 20 minutes

Total time approx. 2 hours & 30 minutes, plus one …

Recipe: Philippe Mouchel’s chestnut & mushroom veloute

This recipe was presented as part of Philippe Mouchel’s recent class at The Essential Ingredient Cooking School Prahran. For information on upcoming classes, visit the Classes and Events page.

Serves: 10


100g unsalted butter 2 white onions; peeled & sliced
4 garlic cloves; peeled & crushed
1 leek (white part only); washed & sliced
1 celery stick (root only); diced
1 granny …

Making the most of winter

At The Essential Ingredient, we believe winter is a food-lover’s dream. Sure, it’s colder, darker and often much harder to get out of bed, but winter is also a wonderful opportunity to embrace some warming, comforting seasonal cooking.

Winter is the perfect time for hearty soups, steaming bowls of risotto, rich pasta sauces and all manner of slow-cooked masterpieces, and with the high-quality seasonal ingredients available in Australia, it’s also the …

The Winter Barbeque

In Australia, we associate the barbeque with summer. Friends standing around, beer or chardonnay in hand, as a selection of meat and vegetables are licked by the flames from beneath the iron grill.

But the colder months can be just as perfect for firing up the barbeque.

It may not be conducive to standing around outside with a cold drink, but cooking …

Time = Magic: the art of slow cooking

Slow-cooking is both a delicate art and a foolproof technique. Find the right ingredients, prepare them properly and then allow them to mingle at a low heat for hours, and the results are certain to be magic.

Slow cooking, whether in tagines, earthenware pots, Dutch ovens or the like, is a technique that has been utilised for centuries by …