The Essential Ingredient verjuice

Unlike vinegar, which is created through a fermentation and aging process, verjuice is the fruity and delicately acidic juice of un-ripened grapes.

The subtlety of both verjuice’s flavour and acidity makes it a wonderful substitute for vinegar or citrus juice, particularly in dishes with subtle and complex flavour profiles.

Verjuice is perfect for deglazing a pan and creating a sauce. Use …

Banyuls Traditional Wine Vinegar

It’s no secret to anybody interested in cooking that the quality of the ingredients you use plays a big part in the quality of the finished product.

It’s also true that the more you know about these ingredients, the more you’ll think of interesting and varied ways of using them.

Vinegar has a permanent place in most cuisines and in most kitchens, and as with the equally ubiquitous olive oil, to get …

The Essential Ingredient Barrel-Aged Red Wine Vinegar

The Essential Ingredient Barrel-Aged Red Wine Vinegar is made using traditional processes from the juice of high quality Australian Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.

Aged in American Hogs Head wine barrels for two years, this red wine vinegar epitomises the ‘classic style’, with a complex flavour profile that adds more than a simple touch of acidity to your cooking.

Our red …

The Essential Guide to Vinegar

The name ‘vinegar’ comes from the French ‘vin aigret’, literally ‘sour wine’.

Vinegar covers all acetic fermentations where alcohol is converted into acid, regardless of the base material. Sherry, cider, wine, malt, rice and fruits can all be used in its production. In Australia, acidity levels must exceed 4% for a product to be labelled ‘vinegar’.

As one of the world’s great …

Recipe: Spiced Pickled Pears

Whether a turkey, a pork loin, a few ducks, a lamb rack or any other cut or variety of meat, Christmas dinner around Australia often means a roast.

Surrounded by potatoes, vegetables, gravy and all the traditional trimmings, a table heavy with roasted delights always seems to bring people together in celebration.

These pears, spiced with the familiar Christmas aromatics, are perfect …