Dressed for Spring, Part 2.

We love dressing for Spring. Bold sauces, gentle vinaigrettes, robust oils and fruity vinegars can bring out flavour and add depth to vegetable dishes and crunchy salads.

As we move into the warmer months we are embracing the dressing and all its combinations. Here we’re looking at even more beautiful produce we have in-store right now to brighten up your Spring – and Summer – cooking….

Recipe: Twice-cooked duck with verjuice-baked chestnuts on farro

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Serves 4

Difficulty: A bit challenging

Prep. time approx. 20 minutes

Total time approx. 2 hours & 30 minutes, plus one …

Deglazing: the secret to a perfect sauce

Few things go as well with meat than a pan sauce, and there’s no simpler (or tastier) way of creating one than by deglazing.

Authentic pan sauces capture the flavour of the meat it will be served alongside, including any marinades, herbs, crusts or stuffings, and even the flavour of any vegetables cooked alongside.

Once your meat leaves the pan, whether …

The Essential Ingredient verjuice

Unlike vinegar, which is created through a fermentation and aging process, verjuice is the fruity and delicately acidic juice of un-ripened grapes.

The subtlety of both verjuice’s flavour and acidity makes it a wonderful substitute for vinegar or citrus juice, particularly in dishes with subtle and complex flavour profiles.

Verjuice is perfect for deglazing a pan and creating a sauce. Use …